Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Wedding #2

N & J's wedding was at the end of July at a winery somewhere south of here. I carpooled there with Jen and her friend, whom I had actually met before when I lived in Burbank and hung out at Stern Dining Late Nite. This was the most classy wedding I've been too. It was small and intimate as well. I guess it was an honor to be an invited guest! There were many multiple connections among the people at the wedding. It's slightly amusing that J and I had both been J's Screw Your Sib blind dates. The hors d'oeuvres and dinner were catered by Le Papillon, a very good and expensive French restaurant in Saratoga. Steve was very excited about the foie gras hors d'oeuvre.

The ceremony was literally about five minutes long. J's cousin married them. N & J said their own vows. The dinner tables were each named with a Chinese character for words such as love, friendship, strength, happiness, etc. Without knowing it at the time, my bridal shower gift to her sort of fit in with that theme. I was at the friendship table, sitting next to J and one of the girls I had met at the bachelorette party. She's very pretty. Half the table were Berkeley alumni. Half the table were unemployed. All the Berkeley people went out to smoke, except for the girl sitting next to me.

After dinner, there was dancing. Not the kind that I know how to do. I don't know how to bop up and down, only social dance. The DJ did play some Swing and salsa, and one waltzable song. But nobody else knew how to dance those dances. I led Jen in a waltz, and she tried leading me in a salsa.

There was also the throwing of the bouquet and garter. The guys just watched blankly as the garter fell to the ground.

Afterwards, there was a wedding afterparty at their house. We played a game, but didn't stay too long.