Tuesday, October 04, 2005


I've been needing a Web-based version of office software utilities for a while now. It's due time that something like this came out. I've been using GMail drafts for this purpose, because it's fast enough, and I can access and edit from anywhere.

Seems like I've been using new Google products for other than the main intended purposes, because they enable these new possibilities as well.

May not want all information to be stored on some company's servers, so someday soon I'll need to have something like this running on my own server.

I stopped using Microsoft Word a while ago in favor of OpenOffice, because all the extra features actually make it impossible to do anything normal without spending eons tweaking configuration options to stop doing silly things. Also, because Web pages are more useful that regular documents, and OpenOffice has an HTML editor I like better.

Google is good at finding ways to make money for it's innovative products. As the article I posted recently talked about, this is one of the three key ingredients to success. Visionary products should make money. Java should make money.

Wikis are exploding. I'd better play more with it. Even I was skeptical at first when the Wiki dudes gave a talk at Stanford way back in 2000, but mostly because the name was quacky, and made me think of the ugly kiwi birds. :P

To see what is coming is truly exciting. If 2005 is like 1995...

Some people can see 1 year down the road (some less), some people 5, some 10, 20, 100 years. It seems that to create something innovative requires seeing at least 10 years into the future.