Tuesday, October 11, 2005


My roommate had the Soul of the Tango playing as we drove to and from auditions. I started to think more about illusions, why the instructor last year kept repeating that it's an illusion, it's an illusion. Listening to the music, on the surface, the melody seems to be moving fast, with a lot of embellishments. But listening, I was hearing the slower movement, stillness, actually silence.

Silence when there is sound. Silent music.

Last year I learned that the movements are like this, still, calm, centered. On the surface, people can focus on the embellishments and flash. Listening to the music while not dancing, I could then see it in the music.

The music has such a deep sorrow, although sometimes sounding very lively. It seems that two people could be dancing so close together, yet possibly be so alone.

Sorrow, yet beautiful. And does beauty bring happiness.

Yo-Yo Ma on the cello fits this as the sound of his cello is distinct. He plays emotions, not just music.

Seeing people dance empty tango is somewhat disturbing.

Hm, a nonsensical blog entry because of staying up too late for post-auditions meeting?