Wednesday, October 12, 2005

A time to dance, a time to mourn

Ooh, Jammix this weekend. I've caught the dance bug again. Waltzing is a happy dance. Peaceful, love. Turning like the earth. Only a lot faster. ;)

Interesting conversation at lunch. My coworker somewhat randomly suggests I should go work in Shanghai or Beijing for six months or a year. Actually have contemplated this for quite a while, and probably the reason I haven't is finding how to get this opportunity. Would be nice to bring my friends with me too.

Even a few years ago, people couldn't see the world would turn like this. Our parents came to the U.S. as students and young adults. Actually thinking to return home. Life happens. Maybe only after your own children have grown into adults in this country do you really then know this place as home. And even for some of us children, only after twenty years of growing up in the country, different, and "returning" to our parents' country, then I realized I am American, and my culture is American. Maybe not like white people, but still American. Something new and different from these roots.

I've had slight envy of my friends and classmates who are living and working in China. I imagined this years ago. We didn't know that it would turn out that our parents' generation came here, and our generation would go there. At this point, we can't imagine that those in our generation will stay there, but perhaps our parents hadn't imagined this life either. I, however, imagine too much. :)

All the possible paths life can take, there is only one to look back on. The rest continue on in dreams.