Monday, January 09, 2006


Imagine a table with legs that grow. I was feeling like a wobbly table, actually a falling over table, because some legs were much longer or shorter than others. So I was thinking, if I need to be a flat table, steady and secure, but the only offering is one leg, or two legs, or three, what's better... no legs or an incomplete or uneven set? Say I can't stand (no pun intended) to be wobbly or falling over, then maybe I have to go with no legs or no table at all. But okay, always have to think outside the box and try to make every situation good. Maybe I'm used to tables having four legs and prefer them that way, but I guess you can make a table with only one leg. It would probably have to be a small round one... and I still think a table with two or three legs would be weird. But however many legs the table has, if they're uneven lengths, it'll be wobbly.