Sunday, April 30, 2006

Nice Big Road Blocks

People's personalities are evident in all faces of life. So they say you can judge a person by how they drive. I guess you can judge a person by many such things.

The road blocks...

A grown man who can't tie his hai dai properly, because of stubbornness or inability to learn, or both, also doesn't change any other behavior once started.

A person who has furniture and wall hangings falling on your head and crashing to the ground, also has no other foundations nor preparations for the future.

A person who simplifies and underestimates, due to lack of comprehension, (somewhat Bush-like and Republican-like), yet charges forth while not learning, can only go that far.

Perhaps for some, they have made the best of their abilities and background. The same point could be one person's best and another person's worst. One end and one beginning.

My pet peeve. Or, actually more of a fundamental peeve.