Monday, May 08, 2006

Back to the Future

I hadn't been to Piazza's for a while, and apparently it's turned Whole Foods-esque, complete with the little "natural" body care section in the center front of the store. Natural cleaning products appears to be on the verge of going mainstream too, after organic food.

While other fast developing countries are adding automobile owners at warp-speed, the U.S. is going around the other side of the circle. After fuel efficiency with hybrid cars, it's also entering people's consciousness to just avoid driving as much as possible.

An automobile is a luxury item. Yet, not needing an automobile as much is an even greater luxury. The next evolution in standard of living.

And in farming, the future somewhat mirrors like turning back the clock to small family farms before chemical pesticides and such. I happened to try some Strauss Family Creamery ice cream recently because it was on sale. It's delicious. So now I've bought some of their non-homegenized milk in a glass bottle, which is sent back to them via bringing it back to the grocery store. The milk costs the same as regular organic milk.

I recently also came across the concept of a refill station in grocery or drug stores, for cleaning products, so people can bring back their bottles to reuse. It would seem this should cost less for all parties involved. Some awesome woman in Minnesota started it. I expect to see this coming out in stores all over the place in the near future.

So, distribution is important for a business... and now I think we need to work on "reverse distribution", or "undistribution", or ... hm, to bring the milk bottles back to the creamery. I am curious how this all works.

This is all very interesting, how much effort, work, and money goes into "reversing" some of the things that industrialization brought us.


In other random thoughts... there was a period a few years back when it seemed like a different guy was asking me out every week. (What a change from middle school and high school when no guy would come near me, haha.) Anyway, that was flattering and fun, although I didn't click with any of them. Maybe I had the blinders on since then, but apparently if I take the blinders off and step outside, I have three guys inquiring in a week. Gee, better enjoy youth while it's still here. (I dunno, is someone who's almost 30 still in youth...?)


Mai-Sie said...

I haven't tried the Strauss ice cream, but I've been buying the milk, and sometimes yogurt. The yogurt is really good - they thicken it by reverse osmosis instead of adding gums and pectin and whatever other stuff. I haven't done a direct taste comparison yet with their milk...though I do like the reuse rather than recycle idea.

As for the natural/organic/green stuff going mainstream, no doubt it's getting closer, though I think it's only really visibly close in select enclaves mostly located on either coast. Minnesota really counts as a coastal state. :) Heck I couldn't even find a place to recycle my plastic water bottle when I was in Indianapolis. And there were no sidewalks to be seen anywhere when we tried to go across the street and two blocks over to get dinner, but there were vast vast expanses of parking lots. Then later when we asked about the bus, the hotel people had no clue, and also looked at us dumbfounded and amused as if they were thinking wow you are adventurous brave folks; who actually takes the bus?