Thursday, March 08, 2007

5% Work

With a mild 5%-ish improvement, I've actually been trying to do some work the last few days. Today consisted of alternating between 10 minutes of work and 30 minutes of lying down over several hours. My mind is slightly ahead of my body. Telekenesis might help so I could type what I'm thinking while recuperating in bed.


Lara said...

congrats on the 5%. i seem to have gotten a bit worse over the last few days, which i suppose is keeping the scales of balance even.

good luck getting some work done. oh, and let me know if you figure that whole telekinesis thing out.

TSM said...

If only telekenesis was a viable alternative to ACTUALLY typing. How sad it is that my hands hurt too much to type for longer than twenty minute increments?

I'm VERY glad that you're seeing an improvement! Here's to watching that percentage grow!

I saw my first rheumy yesterday, and apparently have apnea, which might be an interesting development.

Aditya said...
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