Saturday, March 24, 2007

Early Retirement

I'm waiting for a packet of disability stuff to come in the mail. Why do companies still use paper to do business?

I've been trying to figure out how to retire at age 30 on 3 years of savings. Hmm... how can I generate passive income if I can't work? Heh, I'll be lucky if I get $5 per year from those AdSense ads. So, recently I tried searching in vain for easy money-making schemes. Duh, wishful thinking. I found that the people making the most money off of that are probably the Web site owners for those types of info-portals. Better results come from searching for "telecommuting", but those are pretty much normal jobs, and if I could do that, I'd be doing it. The Amazon Affiliate program appears to be the most real of all possibilities I encountered. Played around with that idea and figured it would add another $5 to my yearly income.

Next idea... win the lottery.

Or, become a super-duper investor of my not-enough savings.

Little did my sisters know that they might have to support not one but two unemployed siblings for life, and have one less help doing so.

There's also living off of parents' retirement funds. Gee, not only must one be financially stable before having kids, one must also prepare to be financially well off enough to support your children, and heck.. grandchildren, for their lives as well in case the need arises.

Winning the lottery might be nice, but then I really realize that money cannot buy time nor health.

Okay, I hope to become all better...


fourthbreakfast said...

This post made me smile. I like your sense of humor! I hope you get better too:)