Monday, May 21, 2007


It's been over a week so I thought I would make a peep. Hopefully I'm having what they would call a big herx, yeah, and then I'll be magically better afterwards. I think for every e-mail I sent last week, I skipped a shower. I'm sure you all wanted to know that. And the too tired to eat thing has made me increase my Ensure consumption to 2-3 bottles a day. Most people who have the opportunity to taste this lovely drink are either elderly or hospitalized for anorexia. I hear they have already improved the taste, but I still have to hold my breath and gulp it down. And I still don't see any increased poundage. I wonder what my body is doing to burn all those calories because I'm mostly lying in bed all day.


Lara said...

i'm glad to hear the peep, because i've been thinking of you lately and wondering how you are. i'm sorry that you're struggling with such low energy these days. my dad had to drink ensure when he was going through his chemo treatments, and my sister for anorexia. i'm glad you're forcing it down, because it's good for you, even if it does taste like sludge. :-P

Lady M said...

AA (Richard's dance partner) drank a lot of Ensure one summer as part of an exercise/diet experiment for a Stanford lab. She and the other participants came up with about a zillion recipes for how to make it taste better. Want me to ask if she still has them?

fourthbreakfast said...

I've been sick, and so I lie on the couch every evening after work and fantasize about the piles of clothes in my laundry room magically getting washed. I've been trying to do my laundry for two weeks now. Lady M says not to worry about wearing the same thing to work every day. Since I mostly work with men, the likelihood of them noticing is very slim.

Glad to hear a peep. Sending good vibes your way.

Adit said...

there she is! keep up with the peeps! Missed your blogs.

dancing dragon said...

lara - Thanks for your comments :) Yeah, Ensure is good for sick people, and it does taste like sludge... sweet sludge.

lady m - That sounds like a strange experiment. I'm curious about the recipes if you happen to get a chance to ask her. And strangely curious what that experiment was about!

fourthbreakfast - Hey, I sometimes wore the same thing to work even when I wasn't sick. ;)

adit - Hi! I've enjoyed reading your new one too! Hope to see more.