Saturday, June 30, 2007

Google Labels

Among all the awesome things Google has come up with, one thing I don't "get" is Labels. It's basically a one-dimensional folder hierarchy. Non-recursive, such that you have to multi-label blog posts or e-mails with every sub/super-category, like waltz and dance. Or cats, pets, and animals. And you can't drill down to find the intersection of multiple labels, like waltz and music.

On another topic, the blogosphere is an interesting thing. Of all the things on my blog, apparently my rant on a certain doctor not "finding" an ICD-9 code due to some selective aptitude and patient care is being e-mailed around to people in Maryland and Pakistan. I should probably unpublish that post before it finds its way to the doctor. And people from are doing blogsearches to see what people are saying about "Whole Foods Market."