Tuesday, July 31, 2007

How Do You Know If You Fainted?

Last July, I picked a random doctor out of the nearest facility, to go have one of those things called an annual physical, which I had never had before, having grown up in one of the many Chinese American doctor families who never go to the doctor.

Some of the dialogue went like this:

Me: I fainted three times in a row.

Doctor: How do you know you fainted?

Me: (not thinking too much about the question) Oh, I woke up and found myself on the floor, before I could get to the phone.

Doctor: But how do you know if you were unconscious?

Me: (Hm...) Well, I don't remember how I ended up on the floor.

Doctor: But how do you know if you were actually unconscious? Because, you know..., if you were unconscious, how would you know, you know...?

Okay, is that supposed to be some sort of pseudo-philosophy? Fainting = fainting. And the doctor's interest seemed to stop there instead of addressing the fainting issue. Is that what I get for picking a doctor who lists "psychosocial medicine" under her interests?


aditya said...

haha - thats funny! you should put it on the doctor's shoulders: ask him/her what it feels like when one has fainted, and then once they tell you, tell them that thats exactly how you felt!

Lara said...

wow, what a quack. in that case, how does anyone know? jeez...

Kat said...

I've wondered that myself sometimes... but I don't have to talk to patients. The one time I told a doctor I fainted he believed me because I was sporting a nice black eye. :-P

dancing dragon said...

haha, adit, that's funny. i should have thought of that.

hopefully i'm running out of doctor rants.

Abigail Katharine said...

I think I fainted just now, there was no one around so I can't verify it with them. You feel dizzy, and sick, and like you're going to fall over. I had a severe headache, it was as though my head was going to split open. I lay down for a while, and I remember feeling sort of "floaty" and my vision became misty-ish. The memory is very vague cos I was out of it. The next thing I know, I was coming out of a buzzy feeling and something like half an hour had gone by. I'm not sure as I didn't check the time but only had a vague impression that it was half an hour.

Anonymous said...

well heres it for me when i fainted. things got all black and fuzzy. i felt sick like id hurl. i was standing the i found myself on the floor.