Saturday, August 11, 2007

Bush Apparently Had Lyme Disease

I'm not kidding. Here's an article from Thursday:

Bush Apparently Had Lyme Disease, Washington Post

I like this quote from this random blog:

"While this doesn't explain the first 6 years of bad decision making, it might help with the past year."

Also, when I search for , Google search wants to know if I mean Bush lame instead.

Interestingly, the doctors never tested him for it. Is that because they know that the lab tests are not very good? Or, maybe they did test him for it, and it was negative, so they don't want people to know.

Or how about the notorious Dr. Wormser being quoted as saying that "if he got it in Texas, it was undoubtedly STARI." How undoubtedly can it be, when no bugs were looked for, new bugs are discovered all the time, and the causative agent of STARI hasn't even been identified yet? Unless STARI is another name for "unidentified". It was undoubtedly unidentified.

Well, STARI is supposed to be milder than Lyme disease. In any case, the President is too old, and "lame", to notice if he ends up having long-term problems from the infection.


Lady M said...

Maybe there'll be a Presidential commission for working towards a cure, or at least better diagnostics.

Adit said...

He did? That explains a lot...