Monday, September 24, 2007

Anything With A Cello

I was Google-stalking some people I knew in high school out of curiosity, and it led to finding a new musical artist. I generally like anything with a cello in it. This is on the funky side, but I usually find music more interesting when I have known the artist to some degree in the past.

This guy used to play cello in my youth orchestra, and his mother was the piano accompanist for my violin teacher's more advanced students. I had a crush on his brother who was concertmaster, because he was an Asian guy with a pony tail and he could play the violin. My stand partner called the concertmaster a dork and crazy, and the assistant concertmaster scary, when they took turns on the podium to give us the tuning A. Just my luck that the next year, I ended up being set up on a blind date with the scary assistant concertmaster for a Screw Your Roommate dance at Stanford, because I walked by a fundraising table staffed by his roommate and bought a flower.

My last sighting of the guy was during my senior year in high school at the MTAC Certificate of Merit convention where he gave a recital of the Elgar Cello Concerto. When asked what was his favorite recording of the piece, his response was Jacqueline du Pre's. (documentary)

Here are some YouTube videos and music clips:

Dana Leong Leaving New York
"Special behind the scenes footage and interviews from the studio recording of Trombone Cello Man Dana Leong's debut album Leaving New York."

Rain by Dana Leong
Is that an electric cello? Half of the interest in cello music comes from watching the cellists' facial expressions and gestures.

Mother Nature Suite - Pt 1 Sunrise
My favorite music clip from the Leaving New York album at CDBaby.


fourthbreakfast said...

The good ol' 440 A. I didn't know you played a string instrument. Do I assume it was the cello? You might enjoy the theme song from "Angel" the TV show by Darling Violetta. Sorta cello rock.

dancing dragon said...

Violin. :) Checking out the "Angel" theme song now if I can find it...