Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Altered State of Mind

More on waltz and raves.

Richard Powers' Zen and the Art of Waltzing


Update: Here's the archived page on waltz and raves.

And if the waltz were to become a rave? This original idea has become the trademark of a company, Nicolas Musin's abcdancecompany from Austria, which has for a number of years invited young artists to create short choreographies on the theme of the waltz, thereby creating a sort of library of this dance from the 19th century to the present day. The piece to be presented in Venice, the last volume of the series in the version of Nina Kripas and Claudi Bombardo under the direction of Nicolas Musin, performs the traditional waltz in the manner of one of the most typical expressions of youth culture, the rave. There is a strange affinity, says Nicolas Musin, between the waltz - this sort of "dice game between two adults who are by turns master and object of the other", in which it is necessary to reach a "complementariness in order to be able to spin to the point of dizziness and achieve that altered state of a single consciousness through two bodies" - and the tribal rituality of rave's techno dance.