Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Waltzing and Raves

Big Dance... An all night dance party, the mood altering effects of particular dances especially waltzes, and an atmosphere I'll imagine has similarities to a rave since I've never been to one. And of course, in all of the Jammixes, Friday Night Waltzes, and other dance events, there is the song which has become known as the "trance waltz," Nara (clip).

This film festival Web site actually makes a connection between the Viennese waltz party culture of the 19th century in Austria and the modern rave culture of the 1990s.

More than a few people have commented that waltzing or music in waltz time makes them happy. I even came across some mention of a study with gerbils being exposed to waltz music making their serotonin levels rise.

Waltzing is kind of like a drug, but without any negative health effects.