Sunday, October 31, 2004


This blog hasn't been updated in a while.... I've been at work for six weeks, went to my 5th year reunion, and did a lot of dancing.

Last week was reunion weekend. It wasn't really worth the money paid for it. Seeing former college classmates was strangely reminiscent of seeing former high school classmates. The best parts were hanging out with people I actually do hang out with sometimes, who live here in the Bay Area, so it's not like we really needed an official reunion to do this.

Astrid organized a dinner at Cascal's on Castro St. Funny, I never noticed the existence of some of the non-Asian restaurants there. The tapas were very tasty, so tasty, I wondered how they got so much tastiness into the food. Lewis, ex-boyfriend, was there with his new girlfriend. We went to Verde to get pearl milk tea afterwards. There, I ran into Peter Peng (my freshman year HAA), and Mr. Wu.

A few weekends ago, we had the annual DL picnic at Uncle Barry's Ranch. I drove there, passing my workplace on the way to the middle of nowhere, which apparently seems to be booming with new housing developments encroaching on the ranch. The Bay Area is going to start to include half of California.

A couple weeks ago there were a bunch of dance auditions. We auditioned people for DL, and had late night meetings afterwards. The last meeting went until 2am, which isn't that nice when you try to wake up at 6:30am for work, and you're still half an hour away from home. People's crankiness was amusing. I also helped out with Opening auditions.

I took Heather and Chris out to dinner at Amber India Restaurant as my "I have a job" treat.

I have a few people I really need to call back, erg, and have been too busy to.

A certain company is hiring again, and I heard that one of the directors remembered and asked about me. Does already having a decent job mean that I wouldn't go for this other opportunity for something that seemed as perfect as reality can be? There are many risks involved, and who knows how the other opportunity would really turn out to be.

Insert/substitute the words "relationship" for "job" above. The decisions are very similar. People in okay relationships consider alternatives, but decide it's not worth it to break up, or what really ends up happening is that they stick with it for longer, years, before deciding it's worth it to make a change. If it's less than okay, the decision is easy. If it's wonderful, the decision is also easy. If it's sort of okay, the cost of quitting might seem to outweigh the benefit of something better, if it is really better....


Anonymous said...

Dear Dancing Dragon,

I just discovered your blog while searching Google for zen and waltz links.
Richard Powers teaches another Zen of Waltz weekend at my Split Tree Farm studio in NW Georgia Apr. 22-24. You might like to come. See link below.

Great material and hope you keep it going, especially the dance and waltz stuff.
I've been to the waltz weeks so maybe we've danced.

Sid Hetzler

dancing dragon said...

Thanks for the information about the Zen of waltz weekend. I'm always curious how people arrive at my blog. I believe I wrote about it on another blog actually. :) Yes, we probably have danced at the waltz weeks.

Anonymous said...

5 months and no more posts?
does she have what it takes to be a blogger? *grin*

dancing dragon said...

You mean I actually have readers? :) I have been practicing the art of un-blogging lately. But look, two new posts!