Tuesday, November 16, 2004


Yet another female writer commits suicide, and I don't know what to say to the person related to her, so I don't say anything, just dance, since we don't talk anyway.

I went out for tea this weekend with H, and then dinner with H and C at an Indian restaurant in Burlingame. Does a writer need to be in a relationship with someone who shares that intellectual interest? Yet two such people could be very unstable. Someone who can stabilize the writer/artist allows him/her to devote time and energy to writing.

Apparently, it doesn't occur to me until weeks or months after a guy says something like "Hey, cutie!", among other things, that he might have been flirting with me. Most women I know are just innocently oblivious like that. ;)

Saturday, K, S, and I went hustle dancing. K and I had dinner at Himawari. Surprise, surprise, we ran into H and C there. The hustle lesson was okay, and I led during most of it, which was not too difficult. However, there was a gender imbalance and the age range was a little off, so we left after about half an hour.

Quote of the day: You'll find it when you're not looking.


Anonymous said...

"innocently obvlivious"