Saturday, October 01, 2005

Return to Sketchiness

as opposed to "Return to Innocence"...

The line to get into the new Sketchies bar on campus went halfway down the street, there were so many people. We waited for a whole hour! Just for a coke too, since I drove. :) I suppose the name "Sketchies" didn't take so well since it's actually been renamed. The dance floor was in fact somewhat sketchy.

Walking around campus is quite peaceful. Warm and sunny in the day, and lovely at night. For me there are layers upon layers of memories, for each period of life spent there. Being in a place one used to call home. I'm prone to more nostalgia than others... as a grad student, I walked around with the spirits and ghosts of my undergrad friends. Being physically in the same location, but feeling it a totally different place. It might as well have been on the other side of somewhere. The rate of new building and construction has actually made it a physically different place as well in a short time.