Sunday, December 25, 2005

Don't waste the pretty.

Merry Christmas.

A gift all women should give to themselves, and I can use a reminder.

And I'm remembering the conversation we girls had the other day... so absolute... if ever our future husbands were found to be cheating on us, some of us would just up and leave immediately, with the kids and all. No room for second chances.

Digital books from means not having to wait to read books that you want to read now, even when stores are closed, and not having to drive to the bookstore and search for it, and possibly not find it there.

The clock is ticking. Seven days until the new year. What will I take with me from 2005 and what will I leave behind?


It would be much easier to hop on a plane and explore living and working in China if I didn't have a condo to pay for. It really is a nice condo, even compared to the other units in the same building. And I like the fact that I currently can actually do it without parental assistance. (Except that I do get other subsidies....) I suppose losing a salary for a year isn't so bad, but the taking the side-step with the career so early, who knows what I could do when I came back from that scenario. Especially since the things I could provide more value with over there may revolve more around English language than software engineering.

The governor may be on to something with his China-California relations in the environmental arena. Let's talk about a huge market for environmentally-related business.

The thought that grows and grows. Somehow, I can't picture myself staying in the place I've stayed my entire life, for the entirety of the next 10, 20, 30 years.


Again, revisiting the question, what will I take with me and what will be left behind from 2005?