Sunday, December 25, 2005


I just found out that it costs 30k per year to attend the private school I went to. Back then it was more like 10k. That is more than 10% increase per year.

At this rate, the only people who will be able to afford to send multiple kids to private schools in the Bay Area are *dual* doctor/corporate lawyer/executive/Google stock options couples. Even in the current price, it would not really be possible for a single engineer income family to send two kids to private school.

So... for the school districts, that would mean I should start planning to buy a house in Palo Alto asap, or as big a house as possible so it could be exchanged for a house in Palo Alto in the future. Or Cupertino. When the market goes down, that's an opportunity to buy a bigger house.

Better be able to do it myself, especially since if my female friends and I are unmarried at the age of 35, we're going to become single parents and form an all-female commune.

But isn't that kind of weird and scary to be able to see the future... uh... since I'm imagining planning it right now, and it's right here.

So, instead, I should move to a different country. I picture it being a run-of-the-mill American existence if I ever lived in another area of the United States. So might as well go where it's interesting.