Thursday, February 23, 2006

Corn Plastic

Corn plastic is here. And its prices are competitive with petroleum plastic. Next time I go to Whole Foods Market, I have to buy some BIOTA mountain spring water. It's the first water bottled in biodegradable plastic.

The company that makes the plastic is Natureworks, LLC. Unfortunately for me, it's a private company so I can't buy any stock. The potential for biodegradable plastic is so huge.

So I think I'm right... this decade's business revolution is going to be the real green revolution. While everyone's still looking at Google and willing Web 2.0 into existence, this is happening under our noses.

So... farmland may become the oil of the future.

On a related note, from a totally different industry. Sun appears to me to be one of the most visionary companies. One of the best blogs is When the facts about the cost of powering computing is laid out like this, it must make one wonder, why aren't people more aware and paying more attention to it? I suppose, like anything, the masses are predictably about five years behind early adopters.