Tuesday, March 21, 2006


So the Web enables more and more people to work remotely, and live in a more decentralized way in smaller cities and towns across the country. Real life networks can start to resemble the Web. Why should one drive to an office relatively far away instead of work nearer to home or from home? Most communication is easier done over the Web even while in the office with other people sitting a few feet away. And video communication in a few years will virtually eliminate any gap.

Blogs are becoming popular for company PR. It's blurring the lines a little between internal and external communications, and corporate and personal content. Technical information is usually found in some random other person's or company's forum. A few odd people now are starting to think that we can alter the lines in physical life as well. I may not want to work at home every day nor drive long commutes every day. So why not work in an office space as near home as possible (or wherever one finds most beneficial) with other people from other companies with similar location preferences? Probably not much more dangerous information-security-wise than working at home with roommates, or in a coffee shop, or on the road travelling. We might find surprising benefits from casual interactions with people across companies. Kind of like what people are trying to do with social network these days. Plug-and-work.