Tuesday, March 21, 2006


The new look of "Web 2.0" seems to be rounded corners, clean simple outlines, light bright Skittles candy colors against mainly white backgrounds. A little more Apple-like. Google is pioneering the transformation to dynamic interfaces, first with the drag-and-drop maps, and now with the super cool Finance pages where the graphs are draggable and loaded with mouseover information. They also do all the accounting work for you, which is cool for the few people who actually consider accounting information into their stock transaction decisions.

One comment I read on a random page criticized Google as not having invented anything, only making things better. (Ahem, Page Rank?) This sounds similar to common criticisms of Microsoft, which is interesting because there are other similarities between the two companies. I think Google makes things better by leaps and bounds, whereas I don't really notice the better quality effect of Microsoft. But the elements that make the things better are themselves like inventions. Maps might not be new, but who else even thought about draggable maps. Just as, to how many people did it even occur to make draggable graphs for stock information or other purposes, even after draggable maps came out. And something simple like putting user-friendly accounting statements in the format you want them. Maybe they invented common sense.

My dad is selling stocks he bought in 2000. Meaning it's time to load up on stocks.