Saturday, July 01, 2006


What is up with whitewater rafting... three different people have invited me to go whitewater rafting with three different groups on three different weekends in the last few weeks, and I turned them all down. And, all three of them involved some sort of matchmaking, one subtly, one blatantly, and one jokingly.

Unfortunately the incentive didn't work, especially for the two-person unguided rafting. I did that once before. Winsu and I got stuck in a very strong whirlpool after going over a rapid and couldn't get unstuck. He kept yelling at me to paddle while a ton of water poured on his head, but it was impossible. I'm not even sure if someone with ten times my muscles could have paddled out. Sadly, if it were a life and death situation, I still don't think I could have paddled out. We were only saved by the unflippable raft. However, if it had flipped, or we fell over, we would have gotten sucked down into the whirlpool. This is the part I vaguely remember during my high school rafting trip, the guide saying that if you don't maneuver through the rapid correctly and you get stuck in one of these whirlpools, you can get sucked down and never come up. Google searches and vague memory tells me that you're supposed to shift weight towards the front of the raft when going through the rapid, which apparently we did not do, as I was sitting in front. Well, we finally got bumped out of the whirlpool by the next raft that came through the same rapid. I think there's another name for "whirlpool" but I can't recall it now.

So I'll probably never do the two-person self-guided type again, and don't feel a pressing need to do any whitewater rafting for now...

My etrade account appears to show a nasty bug this weekend. I was like, wow, how did I just make a few thousand dollars? Cool! Oops. One item showed twice the number of shares bought at half the price, so yeah, at the current price, suddenly the value has doubled. What if someone took advantage of that and sold to profit? Would he be responsible or etrade?