Sunday, July 02, 2006

Wedding Soup

L and Y's wedding was four weeks ago. The funniest thing was that she wouldn't let him kiss her during the reception when people make the couple kiss. The true emblem of virtue and modesty...

I got assigned to the Stanford draw group table. This is one of those weird occasions when people from all distinct periods of life are present at the same event because I'm connected to the couple in multiple separate paths. First as family friend, so all of our parents and parents' friends and parents' friends' children are there. Secondly through Stanford, some acquaintances I had lived in the same dorm with who are friends of the groom. Thirdly though Stanford again, through the extended Sib-family to the bride. And lastly, the groom is close friends with people I went to high school with.

So, after dinner, I was greeted with, "Would any of you girls like to dance... with your old prom date?" I had almost forgotten. So funny. Not just once but twice as a prom date. Apparently the prom pictures must have been shown around back in high school, because the guys were all joking, "Doesn't she look familiar...? hehehe." I think I was also known to this bunch in high school as the (attractive :) ) female math team captain at math meets, and this reputation followed me to Stanford where I met one of the guys there who knew me as such. Anyway, my old prom date was nice, and even was able to learn a decent basic salsa and cross-step waltz in about a minute. I guess we're not as dorky and nerdy as back then.

Things that seem to be becoming popular for weddings these days, are the honeymoon fund, and the after-wedding party for just the friends.