Tuesday, December 26, 2006


Christmas horoscope:

News from afar gives you the best gift of all. 2006 wasn’t easy, but 2007 promises to make up for it.


Yeah, not easy, I'll say.... One day you're zipping around, capable of doing anything anytime, and then one day you can barely do anything, literally. A past life, a future life, seems like a dream.

One thing I did today was try to understand the story of Job in the Bible, although at this point, it's too hard to read the Bible, so I just read what people write about it on the Web.


lara said...

i hope 2007 brings amazingly wonderful things for you, girl. i, too, have spent a lot of time trying to understand job, at times of severe loss in my life, severe hardship. it's always hardest to have faith in those times, but also the most important - the most life-saving.

dancing dragon said...

Lara, I hope the same for you too. Thanks for reading, and leaving comments (one of the few reader/lurkers brave enough) :)