Saturday, January 06, 2007

30th Birthday

I didn't let candles on the cake to avoid blowing any possible germs on it, so I didn't think about making a birthday wish. Let me think about that now.... Some people's first inclination is to wish something for themselves, and some people's is to wish for others. I'm working on it. But what do you do when it's not natural? And how about more than one wish?

I really have wished for things like world peace before, but this year I really do wish something for myself. It's not entirely selfish either, since I don't want to be a burden on anyone, and would like to be able to contribute something to the world. But what I wish for myself is really the same as what I wish for others.

So I had my first real visitors today, somewhat of a surprisingly larger group of people than expected. But I didn't allow any hugs, and was concerned about touching the things we were using to eat with. I haven't seen people in half a year. But I've been too sick to mind. Oddly, I don't look that sick between the hours of 6pm - midnight, more or less.

The new French date apparently had Lyme disease when he was a kid in France, but apparently a mild case.

In other news, everyone is buying a house and moving to San Mateo County. Location, location, location! It's the center of the Bay Area. This is the era of the young power couples with a surprising lot of income or creative financing.