Monday, January 01, 2007

New Year

I might be suffering quite a bit, but there are worse possibilities, and when you think of those, you think that maybe you're not really suffering that much, and you realize there's still a lot to be thankful for. Simply having a warm bed and food is good. And people capable of taking care of the sick. Being able to eat, shower, talk, read, write (type), is a blessing already, even if only for a few hours per day.

There are too many weird and scary diseases out there. This experience along with its mind-altering nature has made me worry too much about all the possibilities. Let's have a new year free of unecessary and harmful worrying. Appreciate what you have today.

Now we interrupt this post because I just ate part of a caterpillar. A mummified one. My dad brought home some Chinese medicine my aunt suggested, called "winter worm, summer grass." He thought it was a plant with a root that just looks very much like a caterpillar. I drank the chicken soup and looked at the worm grass. Cooked in the soup, not dried anymore, it looked even more like a juicy caterpillar, with a fungus-like strand of grass on the end. But I assumed it was a funny root, not unlike ginseng. Funny how I decided to look it up on Google after I had taken a bite, noting jokingly (but really) that it was kind of squishy chewy like a caterpillar might be. Apparently, it is a fungus-mummified caterpillar that grows in places like Tibet. Hm, yum.

Let's see if the medicine has any effect tomorrow.


Aditya said...

Caterpillar?? Wow, thats pretty brave!!