Saturday, January 20, 2007

Writers with Lyme Disease

Every time I start or stop taking a drug, my mom immediately notices something and says that I look a little better. This is without her knowing what drug regimen changes I'm doing. Well, it does seem like my brain connections are doing a little better the last few days. Of course, I wonder what taking a drug for schizophrenia and bipolar disorder does to you if you don't have either. It would sort of make sense that when withdrawing from the drug, one might develop some of those characteristics.

Here are three authors who have Lyme disease to varying degrees. It's nice that as famous writers, they can do a better job of publicizing their experiences. At the same time, what male doctor is going to believe what a female writer talks about? Since, all women are crazy and illogical, and especially women writers, they're all depressed and even more illogical.

Note, vile old infectious disease specialist in Los Gatos, whose medical history taking included the question, "Have you heard of Amy Tan?", and lots of smirking and snarfing when he asked more irrelevant questions like where I went to college, what major, where did my siblings go to college, etc. Stanford. Smirk. Harvard. Snort. Yep, that's the reason I'm sick, because my sister went to Harvard, and we're a crazy Asian-American family. Maybe we should feel sorry that the old guy is so unhappy.

Amy Tan

Meg Cabot

Rebecca Wells

There are similarities that are so unusual. Ms. Wells says in her FAQ that she was only able to write for twenty minutes and always at night. Sounds like my blogging....

It does seem like one thing people are still able to do while having Lyme disease is write. Although I do remember reading one or two of Amy Tan's novels several years ago and wondering if she was on crack.


Lara said...

sometimes all you can do is write through the pain.

i realize what we're going through is very different, but i feel a lot of similarities too. i spend a lot of my time now looking back at my life of six months ago and wondering if that was real, and wondering if i'll ever have a life even remotely approximating that ever again. when will my life be normal again? when will i be okay again? when will i be able to do all the things i used to do without this pain?

and i write through it. sometimes it feels like the only thing i can do. other times i can see it as part of a greater picture of life. but there are definitely moments of each.

dancing dragon said...

I think I started reading your blog regularly because I felt some similarities too. Mental pain and physical pain are all intertwined. I wonder all of those questions too. Although I'd rather not see you in pain, your blog has been keeping me company through mine. People try to remind me and I try to remember that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel.