Wednesday, February 28, 2007


In my browsing for cures for chronic fatigue type of illnesses, I came across some information touting coconut oil as having anti-microbial properties, including against the herpes family of viruses, as well as other health benefits. Supposedly people in tropical cultures, who probably eat a lot of coconut, don't have as many of the modern Western chronic illnesses.

This reminded me of another place I had seen coconut used for some interesting purposes. Sometime last year, when I could still do my own grocery shopping, while waiting for a pizza to cook at Whole Foods Market, I would browse the aisles for interesting things. Being concerned about waste and the environment, I found the natural cleaning products to be interesting. While "organic" food is going Walmart, natural cleaning products still appears to be fringe and somewhat questionable. Seventh Generation appears to be the best-looking brand. The main ingredient in the dishwashing products appeared to be coconut of some form. I wondered how coconut was going to clean my dishes, especially the germs.

But maybe it can, who knows....

I also wonder how many of the world's dishes can be cleaned by the world's coconut supply.