Thursday, February 15, 2007

Random Babble

However hard it is to get through the day, every day, I have to thank God that it's not worse.

My mom has so much wisdom, I don't think I can remember a fraction of it. And Chinese sayings sound so much wiser and poetic than things I hear in English. Too bad I don't understand them or remember them.

Something about heroes not seeing white hair.

Something about if the heavens want a person to do great things, it has to first torture the person.

Something about Wang Jingwei, who was considered a traitor during the Chinese-Japanese War, after the war naming his two granddaughters something-lun and something-sou, because the words lun and sou are from a saying often quoted during the war, about the sky becoming blue and mountains becoming green again. That he was actually doing it for his country, and afterwards there really was less suffering.


The life line on my right hand (for females) is pretty strong and curved but not as much as my mom's. Mine has a split right in the middle, which my mom said is the trouble I'm encountering now.

While we're on the subject... my head line is strong, long, and straight (not good for girls...), and my heart line is very straight and runs into my head line. I guess no romancey-schmancy stuff for me....

My aunt ended up in the ER because of a kidney stone. My mom diagnoses things better than the doctors can. They ruled out a kidney stone. My mom said it's a kidney stone, from the history and type and location of pain. She was right. Doctors have a lot of education and training, but a lot of them leave their brains behind.

My mom said we shouldn't have sold my aunt's old house, because when everything is good, don't change anything. It has good feng shui. Good things happened after they bought that house. Right after the house was sold, apparently, the rash appeared on my leg. Maybe I should have taken the house as we had been considering.