Friday, April 13, 2007

Dancing Dragon Reads the Bible

The impossible is possible, and things never thought to happen can happen, like me being interested in learning about Christianity and seriously attempting to read the Bible.

Even for those not into religion and higher beings, might one be curious about who is this man around which we date our calendar years?

I found that there are a lot of online Bibles. From blog-surfing, I found this English Standard Version to be the most appealing so far, including font and user-friendly audio. It is much easier to read than the King James Version, which is almost like reading Shakespeare in high school. There are a zillion different translations though, and I wasn't expecting so many choices.

While searching for more explanation about some passages, I found these helpful reflections on the University of Toronto's Catholic church Web site.

So you're supposed to be able to read the Bible in a year by reading only four chapters per day. I'm currently just attempting the New Testament first, and as little as one chapter at a time. Reading online is apparently easier than physically holding a book and turning pages. So far, it's pretty cool.

What version of the Bible and other online resources do you recommend?


tpiglette said...

I like the ESV too! I know lots of people who use that as their translation of choice. My actual print bible is NIV (New International Version), but I don't think ESV was in existence yet at that time. I've also heard of the New Living Translation, though not as commonly referenced as the other two.

The New Testament is definitely a good place to start. :)

I haven't done any real research on different online Bibles for long-term reading, but I always use for passage searches and stuff. I like that you can change versions at any time, easily see footnotes, change font sizes, and apparently they have audio too. I like the site's usability.

It's great to read about how you've been doing lately. I'd love to hear your thoughts on your reading sometime, if you have any energy/time to jot stuff down!

TSM-terrifically superiorily mediocre said...

I prefer the NEW King James Version, but I couldn't give you a really intellectual reason why. It just reads nice. Yep, that and I can carry it to all the pot lucks and not offend my fifteen cousins who can't read too well.

But hey, you're reading the Bible! RIGHT ON!

fourthbreakfast said...

I prefer the comic book version, ie The Picture Bible. Unfortunately, everyone is white, which I don't think is historically correct. Still, entertaining.

My purpose in reading the bible was to understand the references made to it in literature. Depending on your purpose, you may be better off with the text versions:)

dancing dragon said...

Hi tpiglette - Thanks for your comments. :) seems pretty handy. I was planning to blog along with my reading at some point...

TSM - I checked the New King James Version online, and found to my delight that I could read it! By the way, it was your Easter post that gave me just an extra nudge to try reading the Bible.

fourthbreakfast - Thanks for the link. It looks like The Picture Bible has gotten great reviews.

Gavan said...

Awesome. =)

daniel said...

I like the NRSV (New Revised Standard Version), since it reads clean and clear to me. The gender-inclusivity used to bother me, but it seems now like a reasonable way to make it harder to misunderstand the intent. Sometimes the NRSV feels flat, though. The NAB feels a tad more mystical ("and lo, there was...").

FWIW, non-denominational Christians that I know seem to love the NASB, but I think its literalness is a barrier if you're using it outside of bible study.