Thursday, April 12, 2007

Tech Support

After the runaround with a half dozen Washington Mutual customer service agents, now I can't even access the other online account that I did not even refer to. They really need to use instant messaging or something so that they can cut and paste, because there's too much room for error in transcribing a username and e-mail address over the phone. In general, there seems to be bigger problems with night crews. So hopefully I'll have enough energy to straighten out the now bigger mess tomorrow during business hours.

Now I'm too tired to shower, and it's late anyway.


Update: shower accomplished. Still the second main accomplishment of the day after eating. Since inflammation is supposed to be a big part of this disease, I made an effort to shower anyway.


Lady M said...

I also have a few accounts for which I need to reset passwords. And undoubtedly, they'll have to arrive by mail so heaven knows when I'll be able to deal with the accounts online!