Sunday, April 22, 2007

Disjointed Thoughts

I was tempted to give feedback to SFGate to create a section on environment topics since they have had so many articles on the topic recently. They must have read my mind, because the Green section just appeared. We're going to be hearing green this green that coming out of our ears before long, whether or not things actually get done.

It's probably a lot easier to be a "locavore" if you live in the Bay Area and California....


I was just remembering a brief conversation I had some time ago about a seemingly perennial question women have about who is better to marry. The one with romance but lacking in some other qualities, or the one without romance but who has the other qualities. Well, since just about everyone says that romance goes away after being married for a while, let's see what that leaves us. With the first option, you end up with no more romance as well as nothing else. With the second option, you end up with the same characteristics that you started with. Putting it that way makes the choice sound so obvious.


I noticed on Craigslist that there are some new forums including one on "dying". Reading some of those is painful.


Lady M said...

Something you might be interested in: I'm not that familiar with this blogger yet, but she just became a contributing editor for BlogHer's Health and Wellness category. Here's her site:

dancing dragon said...

Hi Lady M,

That's a good find. Thanks for the link!