Saturday, April 21, 2007

Ray's Tea Time

Apparently I'm getting a lot of hits directly on my Google Oops post, and almost all of them are coming from a mysterious without a referring URL. I can only guess that either it's a single crazy stalker, or that nextweb is actually a bunch of Google employees reading my complaints.

Ray's Tea Time sent e-mails saying they are closing because the landlord is increasing rent too much. I had been looking forward to having a pearl milk tea there once I got well again. After tasting pearl milk tea from Ray's Tea Time in San Mateo and Ten Ren in Cupertino, I never wanted to drink any pearl milk tea from the other shops again.

This sucks because Ray's Tea Time was the reason to go to downtown San Mateo. It's the coolest store there. What a conundrum. Downtown San Mateo and the vicinity has become so cool that rents are too expensive for the cool stores to stay in business there. I guess they did have a humongous store though.


Adit said...

Does Ray's Tea time make hot leaf tea?

Lady M said...

I miss pearl milk tea. Q would insist on sharing mine if I got one, and the tapioca balls are a choking hazard, so I don't get them anymore. (Unless I've sneaked out at lunch at work!)

dancing dragon said...

adit - They do make hot leaf tea. I have not tried any of theirs but it looked like they have fine quality tea. But the beverage service is ending at the end of the month.

lady m - I found it can be a choking hazard for adults too if I was "drinking and driving". ;)