Monday, April 30, 2007

DL on YouTube

Apparently the West Coast Swing guy who I danced with a couple times at Starlite and who came to Big Dance last year after he asked about my dancing background (ie. why I can't dance with people at Starlite), has posted some videos of DL on YouTube.

I watched the Elana video. So I was remembering how during one of the Steps To Remember performances, the rose got stuck in M's hands. While he kept shaking the rose for what seemed like an eternity, I was thinking in my head, "Why is he not letting go of the rose?!" So I tried to yank it out without looking like it. Not working... Now thinking, "Uh oh. What are my options? Glare at him.. no.. really yank it out hard.. hm.. or change my mind and not take the rose.. uh, the music is going to start really soon.... Apparently his finger was stuck between the plastic branches of the stem, and luckily he managed to free it just in time.

Browsed YouTube some more and found this video of Steps To Remember and our middle school performance from DanceScientist. DanceScientist has apparently discovered YouTube and has a pretty popular site with a lot of dance videos! And some goldfish videos.


Lara said...

we're famous now! woo-hoo! :)