Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Reading About Religion

These days I've been able to spend a good portion of my awake time reading things on the Web. My brain is not getting as fatigued. It's amazing how much information you can traverse with just millimeter movements of a finger on a mousepad. With severe chronic fatigue, the difference between the effort needed to use a mouse and a mousepad is noticeable. Surfing the Web is also more doable than watching TV or listening to audio because you can do it in as small as one minute increments.

I finally started using an RSS-reader instead of my click everything method, after seeing Google Reader links in my blog logs. However there seems to be a delay of many hours before updates appear. Discovered I like seeing the short version of feeds so I've changed my own feed settings.


Much of what I've been reading is stuff about religion from various sources including blogs a few blog degrees away. Let's just say my mind is completely boggled trying to make sense of all the different views, opinions, and beliefs everyone has. I don't know if I've read any two views that are alike even among people of the same denomination.

For someone not in the know, it's mind-boggling just to try to figure out what it means to be Protestant or Catholic. And then what does it mean to be Presbyterian, Evangelical, Fundamentalist, Pentacostal, Calvinist, etc? What do different Christian denominations think of each other? Some seem to accept some more than others. What is considered okay to disagree on, and what not?

I've read discussions on whether it's okay for Christians to practice tai chi or have acupuncture done, and debates between Christians and Muslims, and Catholics and Protestants. I surfed my way on over to some interesting sites that a lot of Christians would probably consider not Christian, yet they seem to make a lot of sense to me. At the same time, something has been calling me to investigate Christianity.

Well, I started reading the Bible, and I got through the Book of Matthew. I got side-tracked by all the reading about religion.


fourthbreakfast said...

One of my friends once said: Protestants go to heaven on faith. Catholics got to heaven on faith AND good works.

He was explaining to me that at U. of Notre Dame, he had to do x number of good works as a requirement for a fellowship.

Lara said...

more knowledge is always good. i'm glad you're feeling less brain-fatigue lately. :)