Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Searching For Waltz Costumes?

By far the most common search terms leading to my blog are variations on waltz costumes, waltz outfits, and waltz dresses. This blog is currently the first search result returned by Google for waltz costumes, and strangely even for things like TurboTax depreciation. Unfortunately I don't think I am the world's expert on TurboTax depreciation. It must be by virtue of having a blogspot.com URL, leading to a high PageRank. Or maybe I'm just the only person weird enough to blog about it.

I'm guessing that most people looking for waltz costumes are looking for ballroom dance competition outfits, and you will find none of that here. Maybe it's just me, but most of the time when I see pictures and videos of ballroom dance competition outfits, the words "Why why why?" repeat in my head.

The kind of waltz costumes that might be found here are Big Poufy Victorian Dresses over at Lady M's.

Note to self regarding the picture of me waltzing in my big poufy Victorian dress, if I ever get well enough to perform again - Do not strain during fast waltzes in such a way as to create a double chin on a skinny person.


Lara said...

ha! the last statement made me snort aloud. :-P

tpiglette said...

I agree about the "Why why why?" response to ballroom dance competition outfits. And to the dance style in general, too, to be honest. ;)

Lady M said...

More fun with Google! I must admit changing some potential titles regarding Victorian corsetry that might lead to weird Google leads. ;)

Lady M said...

and I forgot to say that I totally don't see the double chin. You look fantastic!

dancing dragon said...

lara - glad to amuse :)

tpiglette - yay, i'm not the only one ;)

lady m - thanks for the pic. :)