Thursday, June 07, 2007

Bone Marrow and Blood Drives

From my Stanford InCircle network in the past week:

There's a bone marrow drive today in Santa Clara, and many more upcoming, to help Vinay.

And this guy needs white blood cell donations in Houston.

If a health insurance claim for a bone marrow transplant to try to save someone's life from leukemia can be denied, then gee, how can people possibly expect to get disability insurance for something like chronic fatigue syndrome.

I am hearing about way too many people in their 20s and 30s with cancer and other serious illnesses. I don't know if it's really just the Internet (and Stanford InCircle e-mails) that just spreads more information. I went to visit a church service in October, and they have a time for anybody who wants to share any news. All but one of them was bad news about someone fighting cancer.

And then there's all the stories of people I happen upon in the blogosphere. And they're a little too hard to read.


Lara said...

i know what you mean about the last part. sometimes reading people's stories of heartache and trouble is just too hard for me. other times, at least it gives me something to do, having someone to care about like that.

Aditya said...

I read those stories and tell myself that I've got so much more, so I should stop complaining (-: Its a way of inspiring myself to keep going when faced with adversity.

Lady M said...

Someone expressed it well in a post I remember - she alternates between reading about issues in depth, and basically ignoring them for a while. Otherwise, it causes "compassion fatigue" and she can't focus on helping.

We have a whole lot of friends who were diagnosed with cancer in their twenties. Fortunately, all have come through well.

dancing dragon said...

"compassion fatigue" and wondering what could possibly be done to help. i'm glad to hear that your friends have come through well.