Friday, June 08, 2007

Doctor Demographics

I've been to see many doctors during the last year, and I wonder why all of them are men, and most are men around 60 years of age. Aren't medical schools graduating about half and half, male and female these days? Though I suppose, if most of the doctors I've seen are around 60 years old, then most would be men.

So here are some interesting statistics. Apparently only about a quarter of working doctors are women. But still, all the doctors I've seen are men, in contrast to knowing so many women in medical school, residents, etc.

And a lot of 60 year old male doctors really do think that if you're a 30-ish female, especially single, highly educated, and working (since working is a male thing, and women need a man to be sane), that you must be extremely neurotic. ("Do you have a boyfriend?" should not be part of medical history taking.)

Or maybe they just think that chronic fatigue syndrome is neurotic, like this one doctor describes how other doctors reported back to her that all her patients were neurotic:

From Skepticism to Science: After 20 years, chronic fatigue syndrome may finally be getting some respect and cutting-edge science