Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Ice Cap Melting, Plastic Patch Growing

A Swiftly Melting Planet

You know those articles that you vaguely recall reading since the third grade about global warming with graphs of predicted temperature, carbon dioxide levels, sea levels rising, and arctic ice melting... usually with three models- the less bad and seemingly likely scenario, a worse scenario, and the extremely bad hypothetical worst case scenario that nobody thinks will actually happen, and even then not something that would become apparent until maybe around the year 2100.

Apparently, the arctic ice has already melted way beyond that worst case scenario that was never going to happen. That's a very large predictive error and it's only 2007. Scientists are scrambling to revise their models. The negative feedback loop was probably extremely underestimated.

Come See Our Giant Toxic Stew! 1,500 miles wide, floating in the Pacific, made of all your plastic crap. Bring the kids!

Mark Morford seems to have done a good job of publicizing this unknown phenomenon.

Some pictures.

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