Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Okay, so now I can predict earthquakes, maybe.

I freak myself out. Three days ago, I was lying in bed and then felt something that made me think earthquake. To the point that I actually thought about how the cat outside was lazing about in the middle of the driveway earlier that afternoon and didn't seem to be sensing any earthquakes, since some people say their pets can sense earthquakes coming. So I thought funny me and forgot about it, until we actually did have an earthquake yesterday. Okay, that's a little freaky instead of funny.

Hard to describe the funny feeling, but it was sort of like feeling a stillness surrounded by tension appear in the earth. Stillness and tension seem like they shouldn't coexist together, but maybe they do. Kind of like pulling something taut. And an eye of a tornado. An uneasy stillness coming from the removal of natural vibrations.

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ishi said...

Cool... I think. :) I wonder if you've developed any other super powers that can be used for the good of humanity. You think you could leap a tall building in a single bound?

Bee said...

I live in the UK (not known for experiencing earthquakes of any great intensity) but we have just had a 5.2 magnitude at 12.56am Weds 27th Feb 08. I think I can sense earthquakes just before they happen as it has now happened to me a number of times, the first time in Dominican Republic and for 10 days of aftershocks, then the following year in the UK, then again yesterday. It's not nice and scares the crap out of me. I have been surfing the net to see if anyone else experiences this, but there's not much I can find on the subject. Have you had any further premonitions?

ednett said...

I think i can tell that there is an earthquake that is going to happen too, a few years ago the boxing day tsunami i had a real bad ringing in my ear and a noise bleed then the next day i hear about the tsunami, this is not the first time the other day i was at the shop and had a ringing in the ear and turned to my wife and said the her that i had ringing in the ear again and that there was going to be an earthquake somewhere, she was shocked to hear that there was one over in china, most of the time they happen on the other side of the world from where i live but i have had it happen in the city that i live too. Is this an extra sense that i have or just luck, i am not sure myself can anyone help explain it to me??