Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Hijab and Henna Hands

I was miffed that I couldn't find a photograph from a Web page that I had come across a while ago, using many variants of words I remembered from the page in Google search. I left a tab with a search open in my browser, and after a few weeks looked at the tab again today. I'm not sure if the page reloaded the search or something, but it seems like a new first result appeared since when I left it, and it was related to what I was looking for. I guess the Google crawl had updated since the last search. Go Google.

I'm not sure why I wanted to find the photograph. It's pretty random. It's a picture from Time magazine's What the World Eats, Part III, of a woman in full hijab with henna decorations on her hands. I thought, neat, the women will still find a way to adorn the only visible body part. Though I read from the related page that the henna decorations were for a wedding she was attending.

So I've now given up my privacy and turned on Google Web history for both search and browsing.