Wednesday, November 21, 2012

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I had more TJ "drama" posts queued up in my mind to write before this one but I'll jump ahead and write about this now since it is Thanksgiving and also I found out today that a friend and blog reader started taking TJ from the same teacher at another location and was wondering if it was the same "creepy" teacher.  I know I take a small risk by writing these posts that someone from my classes might come across my blog although I've eliminated most relevant search terms.  I wasn't thinking about the other direction though, that someone who reads my blog might have started taking TJ from the same teacher!

My blog posts sometimes become a sort of playground for slicing different images of reality.  They are very real, not fiction, but taking different angles and cuts can present "images" that by themselves look unusual or very different from the real whole.  Add on top of that my interpretations of observations when I don't know the full story.  While there are a range of interpretative possibilities, a blog post might just take one slice through that.

The first couple slices make my teacher sound like a creepy sleazebag, but part of the reason I blogged this way was because it was interesting that it could look like that when it's really the opposite, and part of the reason is that I'm getting to know the people better myself to see that that's not the case.  I'm behind on my blogging.  I'll continue writing in separate blog posts.


Lady M said...

That's one of the interesting things about writing - it's one view of what happened, or even just part of one view if you have several perspectives yourself, like you mentioned.

Happy Thanksgiving!