Monday, December 17, 2012

Silent Stalker

I'm being Web-stalked daily by someone in my TJ class, at least based on my "educated" guess.  The teacher sent out an e-mail ten days ago with a list of names of students who didn't need to pay for an extra SR review class before our regular already paid for XJ review class.  Half an hour later, according to my stalk-the-stalker Web logs, someone must have Googled me and visited my CS page.  Based on the city location of the IP address and a guess about which subset of classmates might be stalking me, I'm pretty sure I know who it is.  But he never says a word to me.  I Google-stalked him back to confirm that he lives in that particular city.

I get at least two hits, consistently, in the morning and evening, every day.  Some of these, I think, are a tab kept open in the browser being reloaded.  And why is a stranger keeping my Web page open for two weeks...?  Most days, this person clicks on exit links from my CS page, which are links to my other profiles, FaceBook, Google+, LinkedIn, and dance links.

Okay, I stalk people too sometimes because I'm nosy and sort of enjoy the Easter egg hunt, but daily?  I should update my page to say, "Hello, G!"

On a completely unrelated topic, I bought a "pumpkin walnut" loaf baked by Whole Foods a few days ago which turned out to be a mislabeled "gingerbread" loaf instead.  Today I tried to get a pumpkin walnut loaf but was told I could only exchange the mislabeled loaf for a correct loaf if they threw the already opened mislabeled loaf away.  Why...?  They needed to "account for it".  Because putting it in the trash versus someone's (my) stomach changes accounting...?  Well, I didn't want to waste it and I didn't think a customer should pay for their mistake in principle.  So I left and was annoyed that they promote green living and donating food and money to alleviate hunger and poverty but require me to throw away a perfectly good whole loaf in order to correct their mistake.  Also, it seems silly to piss off customers over the probably $1 that it cost them to bake that loaf.  I wrote and left feedback for the store location, got a prompt reply but lack of understanding, which annoyed me even more.  It's also hard to tell over e-mail whether someone is somewhat ingratiating or facetious.  Seriously, I could stop shopping at Whole Foods permanently over this ridiculousness since "switching costs" are extremely low.  In fact, Piazza's is more convenient and I like it better.  There are just one or two items I buy specifically from Whole Foods and end up buying the rest of the generic groceries there because of that.

All I expect for good customer service is something like, "Thanks, we'll consider your feedback," or "We have this policy because..." and give a reasonable answer such as "We get people coming in here putting different wrappers on such-and-such to steal food from us so we have to implement this policy," but... it doesn't sound like anything like that happens.