Saturday, December 15, 2012

Marking Territory

One of the first times she saw the teacher having a conversation with me during class in the park, not even one-on-one but he was talking mainly directed towards me, she had to walk over, practically across the park, grab my arm as if looking for a watch, and ask if I had the time.  I thought wearing watches had gone out of fashion long ago due to mobile phones.  So I got distracted and don't remember what was an interesting "oral teaching" or story about TJ.

Another time the teacher was talking to me, she came up, as a tiny leaf fell from the tree onto the teacher's chest, and reached across his chest to brush it off.  I glanced my eyes briefly at her and her action while trying to keep a non-expression.  The teacher kept talking and looking at me and I'm pretty sure he saw my very subtle look of um-what-is-she-doing and ignored her action.  Later I tried to imagine myself going up to any married man and brushing leaves off his chest.  I'm becoming pretty good friends with M and F in the TJ class, an older couple, her slightly older, him a lot older.  We're pretty comfortable with each other and talk openly and bluntly.  Lemme see about brushing some leaves off of his chest....

The other day, when I was sitting on the gym pad talking to the teacher after he got lost in the fog, she just happened to have to come kneel down between us to look at the particular pile of handouts lying between us.  "If you go left, you go to the reservoir."  "Is there a Safeway there?"  "Yeah."  "I saw the Safeway and thought it was this shopping center.  This one is not Safeway."  "No...."  Ah, the so mundane conversation she was spying on....

When I see the teacher and her having a one-on-one conversation, I do the opposite.  I let them have their time together, even when sometimes I was walking behind them to the parking lot and would catch up to them at a natural pace.  Sometimes he would walk really slowly or turn, wait, and talk to me.

Today she arrived and the first thing she did was whisper something in his ear.  It could be me, that I'm being particularly attuned and skewing things in my mind, but I dunno, nobody else behaves like this.

On a mostly change of topic, I recently made a new dance friend.  She was sitting on the bench in the bathroom, smiling, and struck up a random conversation with me.  After running into each other a few more times at dance class, we FB friended and we've been saying we'll meet up and grab something to eat beforehand or something.  I've only just now started adding back some socializing and friends back into my life.  As I haven't heard from most people I used to hang out with in six years, it's nice coming across some new potential friends.  It's always nice to see an attractive feminine female CS major, software engineer or related occupation.  Seems pretty happy and light-hearted.

Last night, she sent a friend up to tell me that she had been feeling sick all day and forgot her phone.  Today I got a voice message saying thanks for the well wishes and that she was feeling sick but it was mostly from having a nervous breakdown yesterday and that we can talk.  Now I'm thinking, I just attract these people, the second I get slightly better to spend five seconds socializing.  We haven't yet had a serious or in-depth conversation or even met up as friends.  Still not sure how to respond.


Edward said...

I'm now hooked onto the saga. Haha