Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Logic & Morals

Does anyone actually read this thing anymore? Hah. That's why I can write this here.

There are very very few right-wing conservative people in my social circle. All of the 2 or 3 are former coworkers, which is not by choice. Plus one elementary school Facebook friend whom I haven't seen nor talked to in 30 years. Not that I choose people based on political leanings but that choices of everything else, from education to moral values, ended up with this result.

My comments today are about morals. It's too small a sample size but unfortunately, still, people made it what it is.

Right-wing former coworker #1 who posts things on Facebook that even normal right-wing people would be disgusted by. Sometime near the beginning of my job, he sent me a picture of a disgustingly fat naked lady on top of a naked man in bed, via the company messaging system. Well, unlike most women, I'm actually not offended by these sorts of things, not because it's not offensive, but because I just think the sender is an idiot for sending it. So I thought for a couple seconds how to respond or not, and I just replied, "Gross." (Hm... am I referring to the picture or you for sending it... hahahaha.) I'm not avoiding it out of fear, not engaging with it either, and not reacting to it emotionally. So, interestingly, nothing like that ever happened again. Another time, during a group lunch outing, we ended up alone at the table for a few minutes while everyone else disappeared to the restrooms or something, and suddenly he started squirming, looking quite uncomfortable, and couldn't make any conversation.

Right-wing former coworker #2, then in his 50s or so, convinced my boss to let him dump all his COBOL tasks onto me while he "learned Java" or something which I didn't ever see come to pass. This makes no sense and was not beneficial to anyone nor the company. Being in my 20s, I had never seen COBOL before, and more importantly, never been exposed to whatever, I still don't even know, programming paradigm it is in. My boss said I was only to spend 10% or 20% of my time on it. A week or two later, coworker started somewhat passive-aggressively getting on my case for not having finished all of the COBOL tasks that he had had sitting in his queue for years. Um, I still don't know what COBOL is. And he was getting on my case for not updating some tracking system with a comment about the status of each of dozens of these bugs daily. It was manual and each comment would take several minutes to click through the system and enter, even with copy-paste, so if I actually did this "policy", it would take several hours daily to comment on each bug to say that I hadn't had time to work on it yet. So I'd have to spend my 20% time completely on typing that I haven't had time to work on each bug, which is beyond ridiculous. Other times, in the beginning, my boss told me to kind of shadow him to learn how things work on the team and I'd spend half a day watching him poke around, not figure anything out, and end up having one of our consultants give the solution. And then wonder why jobs were going to Indians or India.

Nope, no other people have ever sent me naked pictures or such.

Right-wing elementary school classmate was and still is literally the whitest white boy and among the richest of the rich in the richest town in America, where I have had the privilege to grow up and reside in, and had their own street named after them. Yeah, the party of forgotten poor rural white folks, just like Trump. Facebook postings much like coworker #1. The logic literally does not work. Maybe that's why his computer work never went anywhere.

One more... conservative older married male Chinese taiji friend... the repression just comes out like obsessive-compulsive disorder. Teacher says don't do something and he immediately does exactly that. He's snuck in comments on Facebook messenger about me becoming his girlfriend, and accidental typos or not, being in bed with me. I completely ignore it and continue chatting about taiji. This is anyone's stand-up-looking Chinese dad. Logic of Facebook "likes" literally doesn't work also. Maybe that's why he's been out of an IT job for decades. He blames it on age discrimination. I'd blame it on logic is required.

Nope, (ok, almost) no other married men have ever tried such with me. The other guy, I don't know his political leaning, but if it's liberal/left, that would make the stats 1/2 conservative/right married men vs. 1/200 or so liberal/left married men in my lifetime social circle with enough opportunity to try such who have tried such. And if the other guy is conservative/right, well, that makes it terrible stats at 2/3 vs. 0/200.

So we have 3 or 4 of 4 conservative right-wing men (yep, that is all I have ever known) who are repressed hypocrites trying to sexually harass a woman and/or trying to hide whatever crud they're trying to sneak in under some guise of propriety.

While Facebook categorizes me as extremely liberal, I can actually get on board with actual conservative positions such as small government, pro-life, free markets, whatever. But the people are telling me that conservative right-wing is the party of the morally deficient.