Tuesday, July 04, 2006


It's kind of late for me to be grilling chicken and eating it, but I didn't eat enough dinner before going to tai chi class. I eat too many chicken drumsticks, because they're the easiest thing to cook.

Last time I went to the Marina, I was looking for Sichuan pepper. However, nothing was named "Sichuan pepper." Something looked like it, but had a weird name called "prickly ash." Between my deciphering a Chinese word here and there, a vague idea that I was looking for something with little twigs and pepper-like things, and by logic of elimination, I concluded that this must be it. Anyway, I'm trying it on my chicken...

More on chicken... I discovered that marinating the drumsticks in various Indian spice powder, in other words curry, gives the chicken skin a perfect crisp and evens out the crisping.


This post was not supposed to be about chicken.

Remembering, one year ago (and a couple of days) was a first date. Then on the 4th of July, me hanging out with another couple, skipping the fireworks. Maybe we were all wondering what we should be celebrating.


A man drafts a letter to a woman, many years after their relationship ended, professing he is in love with her and could not get over her, but never sends it. In real life, he can never be with her. He is in love with what he cannot have. In real life, he is with another woman, chooses to be with her by not choosing to not be with her, and doesn't fall in love with her. The worst theft, of time and life, a guy can do to a woman. He says he will leave someday. But when she asks him to leave, he cannot leave. Can't stay, can't leave.

What is up with having one foot in reality and the other foot in the opposite of reality? Those splits must be painful.