Wednesday, July 26, 2006


It's a little hard to not eat any dairy products after having eaten ice cream every day in an attempt to fatten up.


Somebody do this please, since I envision better than executing. Smart public transportation. Despite all these Spare the Air days with free transit, it's just impossible to get to and from the train station in a reasonable amount of time and fashion, if much of it consists of single-directional bus routes that only stop once per hour and only during commute hours. This is something for cell phones and PDAs with wireless access, or maybe just a gadget at bus stops and in buses. Riders signal their location and destination, and shuttles/cabs dispatch to pick them up dynamically, so buses only drive when and where they're needed, and reduce waiting time for riders to a few minutes so they are more likely to use it. Some computer program can dynamically update the route in transit as new customers signal in along the way.

You just want to be able to hop on, like the Internet.

So the book said... revolutions in communication, transportation and energy technology in society are all linked. I dunno... like paper, horses, and wood? Telegraph, trains, and coal? Telephones, cars, and oil? Internet and wireless have put the communication changes well underway, we're sort of working on energy with solar and such... but transportation has not yet seen any significant movement.


Business Week had a cover story titled "The Greening of America". This commonification (ok what's the real word) of being "green" is proceeding at a pace even surprising to me. Although it's more media than everyday actions yet.

And some Stanford people are marketing a "Good Magazine". I wonder what the "good" schmooze-fest was like.

I dunno... bottom line is probably not only that this stuff is "good" but there's finally a visible enormous amount of money potential in it.


I haven't been told what I saw when I had to look up some information in my directory entry, a change in title, or promotion, unless that was a bug.... Hopefully it comes with some more money too. I'm not sure how to be a senior software engineer who has no current job experience doing real development work. Ah, so I really must do something before I really become too senior.